Irish Survivors Of Child Abuse


Saturday, 15 January 2011

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Anonymous said...

Please take a look at our latest Petition which will be handed in to the European Courts of Human Rights to seek Justice for the Survivors of Child Abuse, whilst in the care of the Catholic Congregations.

The present Irish Prime Minister ~Mr Brian Cowen, feels it ok to deny, prolong and avoid the most vulnerable of all, Victims of Clergy Abuse, in full knowledge of the horrific Child Abuse endured at the hands of the Religious and the Irish State.

What the general Public are not aware of, is the appalling way in which Victims have been treated.
They would not know of the corruption and theft of Monies donated/given which was supposedly there for their benefit. (Millions of Euro's over a 9-10 Year period that mostly either will not, or cannot be accounted for!) and, still to this day, they have received no practical/essential support.

It is fact that the Survivor Groups set up and ran mostly by ex Survivors who were not Professionals, nor trained to deal/cope with many damaged people(ravished by Mental/Physical Health

They don't call these Victims 'Survivors' for nothing! but there is a limit to what these mostly broken souls, plagued by haunted lives/memories can take? and the most disturbing realisation is knowing the likes of the Irish Prime Minister, the Religious and Education Department know all there is to know, yet they prolong their missery, pushing all the boundaries/limits perhaps to see how far they can go?

Please take a stand with the Victims and support them by signing our Petition. It is the only way they will have a voice. If you are oppose injustice of any kind, or you feel shocked and disgusted for all these Victims endured, then please sign and share this with your friends. Thank you.