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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Thank God for Julian Assange!

This Article in the News today confirms what I have alway's known (as most of the Survivors of Catholic Institutional Child Abuse)which confirms the lies, deceit and cover up of the Vatican Church, and just what lengths they will go to to protect them from being exposed to the World for what they really are and, for such horrific crimes against Children.

I feel quite shocked surprisingly! as it feels almost surreal to actually know that evidence is there, available for the World to see which implicates the Vatican wholy for orchestrating everything to do with the cover up from the truth. It is however, a small victory for Survivors and their Families after many years trying to prove their experiences and being ridiculed and frowned upon by many in power. But it will not give back the years lost, families torn apart, innocence prematurely stripped from them..all that comes with the most severe cases of Child Abuse, by Men of God.

All's that is left, for the ones that are still here, are the penetrating scars and wounds, the fractured families ravaged by the affects of abuse passed on from one Generation to the next, poverty, Severe Mental/Physical Health conditions, isolation, forced away from their roots, where they were born. They have been made to fight for Justice for over 10 years and they are still being denied.

When will the World wake up and realise what has happened here? is it ok that a Bishop would sodomize your Son/Daughter and be let of because he was a 'Holy Man' ?...

There has never been a time more so than now to strike whilst the iron is hot. We need support from the people, but for the right reasons and morally..because you think it is wrong, not because we tell you the truth and you feel obliged.

These Victims have had a lifetime of fighting for Justice, they are weary and they should not be fighting no more-they never should have! I am doing all I can to change this and to be there for the day of Victory-the truth!

Please take the time to read the Article. Thank God for Julian Assange.

Also, please sign the petitions, which will support our case with our Application to the European Courts of Human Rights. Please share with family and friends. Thank you.

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Corneilius said...

Well said.

I am a survivor of Irish fee paying Boarding Schools which to date have been ignored by most people with regard to the abusive culture that typifies such places...

Some of my experiences in these places...

I have spent most of my life studying the ways in which abuse patterns are perpetuated with what I call Hierarchical Power Relationship Societies, as part of my own recovery process.

I applaud anyone who is honest enough to face these realities, and especially those who try to get to the very roots of the problem, as opposed to merely addressing the symptoms...

Addressing symptoms, which is oft called 'charity' ensures that the underlying roots of the problem persist. It is inadequate to the task of ensuring that no further harm occurs.